The Stranger Nights Out On Town


The Stranger Night Life

When doing a bit of globetrotting, a party in the evening is must – you can’t be on the beach or museums all day. But why go to the usual nightclub or bar when you could try out a different kind of experience.

So when you win big on online pokies New Zealand, spend that money wisely and take a trip to one of these cities and try something “strange”.

Try our favourite different and odd evenings out in these fabulous cities:

New York

Gallery hop

If you’re after a bit of a cheaper night in New York, hit all the galleries in Chelsea – Thursday night is opening night.

This means free wine and the opportunity to fake a huge knowledge of art.

Comedy Cellar

If your ego can stand it, why not enjoy an evening of being picked on by comedians at the Comedy Cellar.

You are guaranteed to laugh the whole night (except when you are crying cause you’re being made fun of)

House of Yes

If you feel like a decadent night out the House of Yes is the place, they consistently throw over the top lavish parties with themes.

Entrance is usually free but there will be a queue, but if you dress to impress (the theme of the party) you are in the door!


Ballie Ballerson

Miss the old fun park and swimming in a sea of plastic balls but also like cocktails and not being looked a strangely by kids and parents?

Then this is the night out for you, this is a playground for adults so jump into the fun and party

Pitch Black

Having a bad hair day? Then meet your date in the dark and have drinks at this crazy venue. You get served Proseco and then darkness (the light s go out, no soul stealing). The hosts then guide you through four types of drinks, so you can immerse yourself more fully into the experience. The hosts are pretty damn funny too.

Paranormal Activity Tour

Get your evening out started real freaky with this two hour tour of the creepiest parts of London. You really get to immerse yourself into the more murky history of this old city, using Ouija board and Dowsing rods to encounter ghosts of plague and murder victims alike. You also learn much more, so give it a tour


Madame Claude

It would be best to visit this establishment before you are fully tipsy, everything is stuck to the ceiling so drunken spinning eyes will not mix well! Madame Claude has a large following and has a great atmosphere with its students and hipster patrons and vintage decor.

Guerrilla dining

Getting served a multi course meal by a top chef, in their home – yes please! The underground restaurants of Berlin are growing in popularity, but to get in you need to join one of the clubs like Daniels Eatery. This one off dining experience will be shared with only a small group of fellow diners, and is a great way to meet friends.

Underground tours

Why not take a tour of the darkness that is in the depth of the city, with a peek under the streets of Berlin. This tour takes you through the extensive underground network built to survive wars, and shows you the hidden spaces in the city.