The World’s Most Popular Cocktails

While fancy cocktail bars, with new concoctions that smoke, bubble and fizz, are all the rage, there are some tried and tested classics that will always find their way onto any good cocktail menu around the world. While bartenders all try and put a new spin on the classics, some of the world’s most popular cocktails just can’t be beat.

Here are some of the world’s most beloved and ordered cocktails:


The good old Negroni is one of the most ordered drinks in bars around the globe. This quintessential cocktail combines equal parts gin with Italian vermouth, which is red, bitter-sweet, and highly perfumed, and Campari, which is another herby and fruity Italian liqueur. It is then garnished with an orange peel.


Available in a wide range of flavours, the frozen rum daiquiri is the ideal beachside cocktail. The daiquiri is pretty simple to make requiring white rum, sugar syrup, lime and flavouring of your choice – normally in the form of juice. Mix it all up in a blender with some ice until thick and you’re good to go.


Once the most famous cocktail in the world, a classic Manhattan is made by mixing one part red vermouth with two parts whisky, and a dash of bitters. A Manhattan is always stirred, never shaken, with no ice. A maraschino cherry sits on top, with the drink typically served in a triangular shaped glass.


There are various forms of martinis, however this simple classic combines six parts gin with one part vermouth. Some bartenders will swap out the gin for vodka or make an Espresso martini by combining espresso with coffee liqueur, vodka and sugar syrup.

Aperol Spritz

The perfect summer drink, particularly in European cities, the Aperol Spritz is a popular pre-dinner drink. Consumed al-fresco while watching the sun set, this light drink is the ideal precursor to a fine evening meal or night out on the town. The drink combines Aperol, Prosecco, and soda, served over ice with an orange slice.

Moscow Mule

Often served in a copper mug, the Moscow Mule combines ginger beer and lime juice with vodka. It is normally garnished with a wedge of lime and some mint leaves. For a sweeter, more oaky version, some bartenders will swap out the vodka with bourbon. This variation of the classic cocktail is called a Kentucky Mule.

Bloody Mary

A popular morning or lunch time cocktail, the Bloody Mary is made by mixing vodka with tomato juice, Worchester sauce, garlic, herbs, black pepper and a range of other spices. A dash of lemon juice is normally added on top with a stick of celery acts as garnish or even is fashioned into a straw. Many say that the Bloody Mary makes for the ultimate hangover cure.

Old Fashioned

The Old Fashioned is an all-time American whiskey favourite. This classic cocktail is created by mixing a cube of sugar with bitters and bourbon or rye. A citrus rind provides the garnish.