Famous Nightclubs Found Throughout The World

It’s easy enough to make a popular nightclub with the right amount of capital. A large area for people to congregate, an excellent DJ, access to alcohol, and the latest choices in music, when all combined, create the perfect environment for people to start enjoying themselves.

But creating a generic nightclub is just the start, to make it something that everyone remembers, it needs to be taken to an entirely new level. And there are some nightclubs around the world that have done just this: taken all the elements that make a nightclub great and elevate them to make something truly unforgettable. Let’s explore some of the most famous nightclubs that can be found around the world.

Club Mega – Italy

Club Mega isn’t just great for offering everything a nightclub should, but also because of its location. The venue can be found on the island of Stromboli, situated in the Mediterranean Sea, just off of the coast of Italy. This means that it’s fairly difficult to get to the club in the first place, which usually means having to travel by boat from the mainland, but even the building itself is unique.

Set as an open air amphitheatre that overlooks the ocean, Club Mega has become iconic among club-goers, and is a must for anyone wanting to experience something truly unique.

Baia Imperiale

Another club centred in Italy, this time it can be found on the mainland. One of the first features that visitors will notice is the unique and imposing entrance, which is surrounded by Roman statues and massive columns. The ancient Rome theme can be found throughout the club, including more columns, status, fountains, and more.

The club has been in operation since 1975 and was one of the very first in Italy to run throughout the night and into the next morning. The club can comfortable house around 8000 people, and visitors can also enjoy the swimming pool that’s set into the lower level of the three floors. The dance floor is also well-known for its views of the sea, and the perfect spot to check out mobile casinos in Canada.


Considered one of the first “megaclubs”, Amnesia, which can be found in the Ibiza region of Spain, has earned a name for itself as one of the most prestigious clubs in the world. Along with its many other wonders, the club has a unique sound system that’s set low on the floor and is design to facilitate frequencies that affect the bodies of those that are dancing, meaning that the music can both be heard and felt.

There is also a greenhouse terrace which is part of the sunrise dance floor, which gives club-goers the chance to watch the sun rise first thing in the morning without having to leave the club. Amnesia is the club that many others are based on, and set a lot of trends that would become common in the clubbing scene, making it arguably the most famous and iconic nightclub of all time, and definitely worth a visit.