The Coolest Bars Worldwide


We have gathered together the best bars from all around the world, and the results are ready for you to raise a glass to!

As fun as staying home in your PJs and playing online slots in NZ -or anywhere else for that matter- may be, these destinations have something to offer everybody.

Ease Into Your Time Off at the Icebar

The Icebar, by Icehotel, in Stockholm, is literally the coolest bar in the world: the temperature inside is -7°C!

The drinks are served in glasses hewn from ice as well, but you can borrow some gloves if you need to.

Absorb the Good Vibes at the Alux Caverna Lounge

The Alux Caverna Lounge is located in Mexico’s Playa del Carmen, and is the largest underground cave restaurant and lounge on earth.

If you don’t get freaked out by thoughts of being underground you will dig it.

Cool Off at Camp, in Brooklyn, USA

You can take a trip back in time and immerse yourself in the fondest memories you have your summer camp days and nights at this bar.

It has every detail down perfectly, including the marshmallow drinks.

Live it Up at the Lockhart Bar

This is a Harry Potter-inspired bar!

The venue is named after the teacher of Defense Against the Dark Arts from the book/movie series, and J.K. Rowling fans will think they have died and gone to heaven.

Spend Some Time at the Cybermachina

This bar has game systems available in each of its rooms, and there is even an area dedicated totally to Guitar Hero.

Cybermachina has taken its decor inspiration from well-known game memorabilia like Zelda and Mario, and the drinks are game-themed as well.

Enjoy the El Bosc de les Fades

Barcelona’s El Bosc de les Fades will make you feel like you are right in the middle of a magical forest, rather than in the midst of an enormous city.

Dive Into the Dive Bar

Sacramento’s Dive Bar has duelling pianos and live mermaids swimming around in the tanks inside it. Hence the clever play on words that make up the bar’s name.

It is a luxurious place to sip your favourite cocktail, and there is an old-fashioned feel to it that the more glamorous among us will definitely enjoy.

Create Some Time to See the Carousel Bar and Lounge

New Orleans’ Carousel Bar and Lounge allows you to get your drink on while you are on the go.

This bar has an actual carousel that has you sitting and sipping while you slowly spin round and round.

Play the Croft Institute a Call

The Croft Institute is a bar in Melbourne, Australia, that is set in an old laboratory.

It has a scientific theme to it, right down to the syringes that are inserted into your drink.

Use Your Time at the Unicorn Wisely

This colourful bar has a carnival theme, and you can be sure your spirits will get a lift whenever you step inside.

They also have pinball machines for you to enjoy.