7 Top 24-hour Party Cities Around the Globe


7 Party Cities Around the Globe

In years gone by the party capitals of the world such as Ibiza, Las Vegas or Rio were the places to be and to be seen.  These cities are still popular but there are many new cities which offer 24 hour parties, bars and restaurants.

Many of the party cities are in countries that were never even considered as party destinations and where travellers would not even have thought to go to.

7. Hungary

Who would have thought that Budapest, Hungary would be a party city?  This popular city is growing and boasts many luxury hotels and casinos with a wonderful view of the Danube River.  Budapest also has many modern clubbing options and new clubs seem to be popping up each year.

Many world famous DJ’s spin their particular brand of music till the early hours of the morning which keeps the clubs entertained and dancing continues till sunrise.

6. Athens

A popular tourist destination is Greece and what many travellers do not know is that Athens is a party city especially during June through to September when the Athens Festival is held offering loads of music, dancing and theatre.

The city has excellent hotels and many clubbing options, both indoor and outdoor and the parties continue all night.

5. Las Vegas

Las Vegas could not be left off the party list and with a nickname like “Sin City” there are many party options available in this city.

Las Vegas offers a host of casinos to choose from with many adult entertainment options, as well as restaurants, theatres and a range of other options for the traveller in search of all night entertainment. If you enjoy the online betting NZ has to offer, the chances are you’ll enjoy the thrill of Vegas too.

4. Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain is a popular tourist destination for European tourists especially and has much to offer in the way of fantastic beaches and nightlife.

Barcelona has something to offer all travellers to its city with a range of musical tastes and styles, which vary in each part of the city.

3. Berlin

For techno party enthusiasts Berlin is the place to be and used to feature the very popular Berlin Love Parade that attracted tourists from all over the globe.

The clubbing scene in Berlin is always going with great music and venues all around the city.

2. New York

“The City that Never Sleeps” is probably one of the most popular destinations for many and is the city on most people’s bucket list.  New York has incredible skylines, famous landmarks and a nightlife that is rivalled by few.

New York has a club on almost every block and many cultural attractions to keep a traveller busy both day and night.  New York is also known for its all night diners.

1. Ibiza

Ibiza is known for its wonderful Mediterranean climate and is considered by many as the party capital of the world.  For around 30 years this city has hosted thousands of party seekers and has clubs, music and a wide variety of people.

Ibiza has something for everyone.  The city wakes up around 11 in the evening and continues till late into the following day.