10 Best Jazz Clubs Around the World


10 Best Jazz Clubs Around the World

Ask any jazz aficionado what makes a jazz club special and they will no doubt tell you that it’s the music, the atmosphere, and the cultural significance.

Here are some of the finest examples.

New York City: Village Vanguard

New York City is often lauded as the jazz mecca of the world, making Village Vanguard its church – the ultimate place of jazz worship.

You’ll find yourself steeped in the history of jazz from the moment you step foot inside and most of the jazz greats have performed here – from Bill Evans, Brad Mehldau, Sonny Rollins, Joe Lovano to Jason Moran.

New Orleans: Preservation Hall

Since its opening in 1961, Preservation Hall has been so much more than just a jazz club to the people of New Orleans.

Devoted to the music of Jelly Roll Morton, Louis Armstrong, and Sidney Bechet, Preservation Hall is the perpetual home of the original jazz sound.

Amsterdam: Bimhuis

Bimhuis is nestled on one side of the almost transparent iron-and-glass riverside Muziekgebouw (‘Music Building’) in Amsterdam and is arguably the top jazz club in Europe.

The acoustics are near perfect and the amphitheatre-style seating affords each patron the best visual access of the stage possible.

Tokyo: Blue Note

Few cities can rival Tokyo with regards to urban settings and it should therefore come as no surprise that its home to a legendary New York jazz club franchise – Blue Note.

Luxurious and elegant, Blue Note is the symbol of the globalisation of jazz aesthetics.

New York & Istanbul: Nublu

Often described as an ‘Eastern New York’, Istanbul is a fusion of creativity and it’s no wonder that the two cities share a jazz club. You’ll find it hard to focus on horse racing tips NZ amidst the bustle of this incredible city.

Established by Ilhan Ersahin, the Swedish-Turkish sax player, Nublu first opened in New York in 2002 and opened in Istanbul 10 years later.

Rome: Tramjazz

Meet at the cable car station at the Piazza di Porta Maggiore as from there, twice a week, the Tramjazz begins its journey through the streets of Rome, offering an unforgettable night.

The vintage cable car has been transformed into a snug mobile jazz club which serves delicious local cuisine.

Vannes, France: Piano Barge

If the idea of a mobile cable car jazz club got your attention, how does a floating jazz club sound? Located in the Gulf of Morbihan in Vannes, France, the Piano Barge is the best jazz club to emerge from this part of Europe in the last few years – a dream come true for the local jazz community.

Tel Aviv:  Beit HaAmudim

The Israeli jazz scene owes much of its success to venues such as Beit HaAmudim and this club, located in an old house, has become the central meeting point for the city’s jazz fanatics.

“It’s the place where musicians hang” says Tamuz Nissim, a jazz singer and Tel Aviv native.

Cape Town: The Crypt

The aptly named Crypt is a jazz club located under a church in the heart of bustling Cape Town.

It’s a labour of love for its creators, such as the dean of St. George’s Cathedral, a jazz lover who has reached out to the broader community through the universal language of jazz.

Auckland: Creative Jazz Club Aotearoa

Creative Jazz Club Aotearoa holds its weekly meetings in the basement of the 1885 Britomart bar and while crowds enjoy cocktails upstairs, many are none the wiser to the New Zealand jazz legends playing some of the most challenging music right below them.