Ways to Welcome Weekend Guests


Make inviting guests into your home that much more fun by putting a few plans into place before you do it next.

Know Your Limits and Stick to Them

The first rule of thumb is to be aware of the limits of your home, and the space you have available. Do not invite more people than you or your house is able to accomodate.

Make it Possible for Both Kids and Furkids to Visit

If children are a part of your guest list, bear in mind that you will need to organise a babysitter if adult-only outings are on the itinerary.

If pets are coming too, set up areas for them where they will be comfortable and will not mess up your furniture, or run riot in other ways.

Designate a Space in Your Home for Children

If your house if full of art and expensive trinkets and small kids are headed your way, this is an excellent time to store your most precious objects d’art out of harm’s way.

A basket full of cheap toys and age-appropriate books will keep the kiddies occupied while the adults catch up.

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Make Refreshments Available for Your Guests as They Arrive

In order to ensure guests do not feel like they have to forage for food and demand drinks the second they arrive, make provision for snacks and beverages to be available for them as they do.

Create a Beautiful Retreat for Your Guests to Enjoy

To help rejuvenate your guests’ spirits, give the guest room they will be staying in a bed-and-breakfast feel.

Dress the beds with good, fresh linens and blankets, and make use of baskets to store towels and toiletries. You could even go so far as to provide robes and slippers if you wanted to!

Provide Designated Storage Spaces for Extended Stays

Equip your guest room with a bench or luggage rack for suitcases, and, for guests staying longer than a day or tow, clear out a couple of dresser drawers and make some space in the closet so that they can unpack completely.

Make Sure Your Guests Feel at Home

Stock up the room your guests will be staying in with baskets filled with books and magazines, and gather some postcards depicting your locale so that your guests can have a memento to take home and remind them of their stay.

Make Every Hour Happy Hour

A fully-stocked bar will be very much appreciated by guests who like to end their vacation days with a drink or two. While you should not feel obligated to provide every imaginable combo of booze and mixtures, sticking to the basics will make for a lovely touch.

Get some gin, a dark or light rum, a whiskey, some vodka, and vermouth as well as cointreau. Some fruit guinces, tonic water, club soda, ginger ale and diet and regular colas will round out the bar and make sure most tastes are catered for.