How To Stay Safe And Have A Good Time

There’s nothing more exciting than going out and seeing the city at night with a few friends.

The nightlife of any major city is often one of its most popular selling points, and you’ll quickly find a large collection of dive bars, pubs, clubs, and more dotted throughout much of the city.

But it’s also important to always keep your safety in mind, especially in cities that have a reputation as being a bit unsafe. Here we will look at some simple methods a partygoer can employ to stay as safe as possible while out during the night.

Stay As A Group

For the most part, it’s the people that are on their own that tend to be targeted the most by criminals. This makes sense, as a lone person is much easier to overpower than a group, and its why women especially should always make sure that they are with other people when they are out and about.

A group of 3 or more people is unlikely to be harassed by anyone, and it can help keep everyone safe from any potential danger, while also being another great reason to go out for the night with all of your closest friends.

Stay In Well-Lit Areas

People that wander into areas that are not well-lit are more susceptible to crime, as it makes it easier for the perpetrator to both sneak up on an unsuspecting victim, while also making a quick getaway with little of chance of being identified. Most parts of a city tend to be quite well-lit at night, but there will always be areas that can become very dark, so it’s always better to stay within the light as much as possible.

Always Watch Your Drink

A very common method of breaking down a person’s defences is by slipping something into their drink when they’re not looking. This is a pertinent problem in settings like clubs, where the bright lights, crowds of people, and music can make it easy for an unsuspecting person to take their eyes off their drink, even if it’s for a few seconds.

Rather keep your drink on hand at all times, and never let anyone take it from you. Another great rule to keep in mind is to always watch the drink being opened in front of you, rather than out of sight.

Arrange A Lift

After a long night at the club, a person is usually a bit too drunk to organise reliable transportation on their own, and sometimes may even want to walk to where they need to go if it’s close enough.

This can only end badly for the person, which is why it’s recommended to always have a reliable source of transport nearby, so you can sit and enjoy online bingo NZ until it arrives. This can be in the form of a family member or friend bringing their car, or even just having a taxi number on hand to call once the partying has come to an end.