Creating A Movie Theatre At Home

There’s nothing quite as exciting as heading out with friends to the local movie theatre to watch all of the latest releases.

But with the recent pandemic and subsequent lock downs across the world, it has become that much more difficult to go and watch films at the theatre – not many people like to sit for 2 or more hours with masks on in a stuffy environment.

Fortunately, going out to the theatre doesn’t have to be a necessity, as it’s easy and cheap enough to create a small theatre at home. Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can create a theatre at home using some simple tools and creativity.

1. Choosing The Right Space

The first step in creating a home theatre is by selecting a space that’s large enough to accommodate as many of your friends and family as possible, but it also needs to be comfortable and with access to the rest of the property.

A large bedroom is a good choice, if it’s available, but any large room that can comfortably sit around 10 people is always going to be the preferred option. If you tend to watch movies late, it might be a good idea to not build the theatre room adjacent to any bedrooms, such as one where the kids might be trying to sleep at night.

2. Sound Insulation

After you’ve chosen an adequate room, you will want to insulate it as much as you can. Not only will this stop excess noise from filtering out of the room, but it will create a better environment for sound quality in general while watching movies.

Insulation should be added to both the walls and the floor if possible, so R30 and R11 insulation respectively should do the job nicely and could even be great for playing video games or the real money pokies Australia makes available.

3. Adding Surround Sound

A theatre experience is not complete without having adequate sound available, which is why it might be worth investing in surround sound. These systems are relatively cheap today, and usually consist of four main speakers in every corner of the room, along with another speaker in the centre front, and a subwoofer somewhere to provide the base.

When up and running, and the room has been properly insulated, the sound quality will be great, and you can generally play movies as loudly as you want.

4. The Screen

It might be tempting to simply buy a large flat-screen television for playing the movies on, but they simply might not be large enough for everyone watching. A much better idea is to instead find a projector, which can be easily bought second hand to save up some money.

Try and aim for a reliable brand that has excellent cooling capabilities and can project in higher resolution than cheaper options. It can also help if the projector can be used wirelessly, removing the need for more wires and a laptop. The next step is to find a screen that can comfortably accommodate the space a projector will fill.