Hot Hacks for Easy Entertaining

Entertaining can be fun, but it can also be stressful, especially if you’re not a natural at it. These hacks will make entertaining easier than ever, and make your guests feel right at home.

Icy action plan

Every good party needs ice cold drinks, and if you don’t want to worry about buying bags of ice from the store simply make your own the week before and store it in freezer-safe container. This way you can whip out fresh ice for drinks for the duration of your party.

Alternatively, if you want to skip out on ice all together, why not freeze fruit or lemon slices and offer these instead? They’ll do the job just as well and add extra flair to your drinks.

Plan a food schedule

Depending on what you are serving set yourself a food schedule and stick to it, just like when you play the Bingo Australia has to offer and you assign yourself a budget. This will alleviate any anxiety you have about making sure you get food out at the right time, and can go a long way to helping you enjoy yourself. Wherever possible, do food prep well in advance, as you don’t want to e slaving away at the stove or chopping up a storm when you could be having fun with your guests.

Set the table

Make sure that you’ve set the table or put out the cutlery, plates and other necessary dishes and utensils before your guests get there. This way, everything is ready to go and you won’t have to waste time hunting down that one other matching fork or finding a clean bowl.

Create a playlist

Music is a wonderful mood enhancer; so if you want to set the scene, create playlist that will enhance the ambiance. If you have people who don’t know each other too well you can also play songs that stimulate conversation, such as those that are classic favourites, or by an artist who has recently been involved in a scandal! You can also choose louder, faster music for when everyone arrives and calm it down later in the day when everyone has settled in and is relaxed.

Dim the lights

Nothing kills the mood than a party in bright lights. Dim the lights and add candles, or if you can’t dim the lights, try and remove a bulb or two or add smaller standing lamps for a better look and feel.

Avoid adventure

A party is not the right time to try out dishes you have never made before, or experiment with a new dessert. Stick to tried and tested things that you know you can pull off, as you’ll stress less and be able to enjoy the event more.

Ask for help

Lastly, if you need help ask a friend to give you a hand, or if you are feeling flush, hire a caterer or party planner to pull off the perfect event.