Embrace the Art of Entertaining at Home

Embrace the Art of Entertaining at Home

Bring it all Back to Basics 

Proper organisation is one of the biggest factors in turning hosting a party into an enjoyable thing to do. You will need to answer six questions in order to consider the basics covered and continue to the next step:

  1. When is your party going to be?
  2. How many guests are you going to invite?
  3. Where is your party going to be held?
  4. What type of party is it going to be?
  5. What is your budget for the event?
  6. Will you be providing music or entertainment, both, or neither?

Grappling with the Guest List 

This can be anything you like: it could be a bunch of friends that you haven’t always got the time to see in your day-to-day life, your far-flung family, or even professionals in your industry that you wish to network with.

Stay strict on the size, taking the space you have at your disposal into account, and try to mix and match a little -idiosyncratic mixes make for much more interesting ensembles! 

Entertaining people at home - dinner party

Deciding on a Date 

Sending out invitations is not necessary if your party is going to be an informal one -a simple phone call a couple of weeks in advance, or an event on Facebook even, will be more than adequate.

For more dignified dos, invitations should be sent out between three and four weeks in advance, and even earlier if the event is an important one.

Be sure to include instructions for guests to RSVP and don’t feel bad about calling people up for responses if you don’t get these back in time.

You need to know what quantities of everything you need to have available, and there simply is no other way to determine this than by ascertaining how many people will be arriving beforehand.

Take a Long Look at Your Location 

Evaluate the space you have available in the same way that a critic would. Don’t overlook the realities of a small oven or a single bathroom, and don’t exceed the equipment and space you have available.

If your guests are going to be standing, an average-sized room can generally hold around 30 people, and three-room expansives around 60.

For any kind of buffet you will have to provide seating, and it is never a bad idea to check out the cost of rentals in terms of both locations and equipment if your home doesn’t have what you need.

Not only are there less clean-up headaches for you to contend with afterwards, a museum, gallery, or greenhouse could give your party an interesting edge as well!

While getting a good party on is not as simple as enjoying the online pokies NZ has to offer, it can be nearly as much fun.