Dinner party food trends 2018


2018 Dinner Party Food Trends

This year sees host tone done the classic dinner party, offering a more simple and relaxed meal to their guests. This simplified dinner party allows for a host to actually be a part of the party, instead of making a million courses and stuck in their kitchen.

So choose one of these no fuss menu ideas for your next dinner party and spend your extra free time playing online bingo or making sure the decor is just right.

Here are the top food trends for 2018:


This small, almost bite sized meals can be made at home or ordered in. By combining a starter and main into tapas that can easily be shared hosts can skip a whole course and still keep their guests happy and full


Brag about your recent trip to Vietnam by laying a traditional Vietnamese spread out for your guests.

Or if you do not want to be hated, do not brag; try your hand at making a simplified version of another cultures food. Remember to keep it simple, as some guests could be grossed out by strange foods.


With so many diets on the go these days, it’s hard to keep track of your guests dietary needs. So why not go stealthy healthy, and ensure your guests are happy by disguising a healthy menu as normal menu.

With the multitude of recipes available online, it is quite easy to make this happen. You could even get gluten free options that taste (almost) like the real thing.


Enjoying a hearty pot of homemade soup or a rich stew from one pot is just the thing in winter, so why not share that pleasure with your guests.

This is also a cheaper option and can be super tasty, and it is super easy to whip some ingredients together in a slow cooker and carry on with your other business while it cooks alone


The 2018 Charcuterie does not focus just on meats, it is now an opportunity to spread out your starters or snacks in such a visually appealing way. The food options you can place on the board range from the traditional meats to cheeses and fruits.

Though you could get lost in time decorating your dinner party Charcuterie, it is worth it for the great impressions on guests (and the Instagram likes).

Charcuteries are also perfect for an informal cocktail party outside or brunches in the summer sun.


Yes in your home, make those guests serve themselves! Set up your menu so it is easy to serve oneself, and make sure it is easy to access.

Therefore your guests can serve themselves when they are hungry, or go back for seconds when they would like. This is also prefect for an informal dinner party, as guests can mingle and eat and drink and be merry.

Some of these trends for 2018 are super quick and easy, some take more effort (especially if you want some Instagram worthy pictures) but all should be making an impact on dinner parties nationwide.