The Ultimate Dinner Party Checklist


Our Dinner Party Checklist

So you want to throw a dinner party, one your friends and family will love and enjoy? Throwing a dinner party does not need to be super stressful, with you running around like a headless chicken. Try following our checklist of what you need to do step by step, to ensure you pull off this perfect dinner party.

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3 weeks before:

– Choose your date – pick a date and try stick to it

– Invite your guests, some people need a lot of notice, so make sure you get them to book you in their calendars

– Choose a theme; it is important to know what kind of party you are throwing – cocktail elegant or an intimate cosy dinner. Decide on a dress code (if you need one) and let your guest know with the invite

– Choose your menu, when planning your menu make sure you know if any of your guests are allergic to any food, etc. and then plan around those needs.

2 Weeks before

– Prep your decor, as you have decided your theme already, make sure the decor you have matches the theme or is enough to decorate the party

– Check the China, have you invited 12people and only have 10 plates? Ensure you have an adequate amount of china, glassware and cutlery for each guest. It’s time to shop if you do not have enough – no Tupperware bowls instead of china!

– Tune in, set up a quick playlist that goes with your theme, so depending on your theme your music will vary.

1 Week before

– Shopping list, since you have planned the menu in detail, make yourself a shopping list to ensure all ingredients are bought and there are no last minute runs to the store

– Beverage list, ensure you have drinks enough for your guests, from the wine lovers to the Gin drinkers to the teetotallers; every person should not be parched.

– Clean house, sadly this is mandatory but especially important when wanting guests to feel at home and not grossed out.

2 days before

– Shop; time to actually get those ingredients and beverages. Make sure you get the freshest ingredients!

– Decorate, set up the area you will be dining in with your entire chosen decor, making sure to remove anything that could obstruct the free flow and movement of your guests.

– Hide the goods, I do not mean the good silver; I mean the haemorrhoid cream in the medicine cabinet. Remove all things that you do not want your guest to see.

– Coat check, decide and set up a specific spot in your home for coats and bags, as you do not want to trip over a handbag.

1 day before

– Cook, when you planned this menu, you planned on making things the day before so you could relax and enjoy the dinner party with your friends.

– Clean again, yes more cleaning! Clean up after all the prep work and do a quick sweep and spot check to ensure your home is still clean

– Shop again, time to go out to get the final ingredients or flowers for decor that would be better fresh than a few days old.

D (inner) Day

– Cook! Start cooking as early as possible to get it done

– Change! Once you are done cooking, change into your party outfit

– Table! Do a last minute check on the table decor, light candles or tweak flowers

– Party! Welcome your guests and have a great night at home