The Best Dinner Party Themes


Throwing The Perfect Dinner Party

There’s nothing quite like planning and throwing a party for your friends and family. The chance to bring everyone together under your roof while providing amazing food and entertainment can really be a fulfilling experience.

Dinner parties also tend to be quite easy to get right – you just need to make some good food, offer a little entertainment, and the night should take care of itself.

If you are looking to make your dinner parties a little more unique and exciting, however, there are some ways to accomplish this relatively easily. One of the most popular ways of going about this is by giving your party a specific theme. The beauty in this is that themes are endless, and any combination of themes can turn your average party into something truly special.

Whether it’s a casino themed party with online slots Canada, or a party themed around the 1920s, there are some ideas to help you throw a get together that your guests will never forget.

1. Breakfast For Dinner

It seems simple enough, reversing the role of dinner and breakfast. Breakfast for dinner parties are a lot more fun than they sound, and give you a break from the heavier, richer foods you have to prepare for most dinners.

Here, have your guests wear pyjamas and slippers, and serve food such as bacon, eggs, sausages, French toast, and orange juice. It’s a fun little twist on our every day eating traditions.

2. Red Carpet

We all love the glamour of Hollywood’s red carpet events. From the expensive dresses to the good old penguin suit, it’s understandable why so many people love watching these blowouts.

This also makes it a perfect theme for your dinner party, where you can ask your guests to dress up in their best suits and dresses, and serving more formal dishes, just make sure it’s nothing too messy.

3. The Casino Theme

Whether you like casinos or not, there’s no denying that they have a certain unique charm. The bright lights, buzzing music, and flowing drinks found at any gambling venue offers a type of ambience that few others can match.

Getting casino-themed props and serving famous casino dishes is sure to have your guests feeling like they’ve just entered Las Vegas.

4. Dessert Only

Everyone loves desserts, and instead of having a formal affair with heaps of savoury foods, opt instead to serve your guests a plethora of sweet treats that they can enjoy. This will especially popular among those friends who have a sweet tooth, and allow you to skip the many hours of cooking more elaborate dinners.

5. Camping Fun

This is one that you can do outdoors on a warm, clear night, and without having to trek into the woods. Put some traditional camping gear together, such as benches, a firepit, and a variety of camping foods, and direct everyone to your back garden so sit around the fire and enjoy each other’s company.

If you or a friend knows how to play a guitar, this can make the experience so much more authentic.

Dinner parties are a fantastic way to connect with your friends, while giving them an enjoyable evening that they will talk about for years.