Pamukkale – Visiting The White Cotton Castle In Turkey


There are plenty of reasons to have Turkey among your top destinations to visit. The culture, the history, and the ancient cities are some of the few reasons that tourists flock to the city every year.

Istanbul, in particular, is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and has remained a testament to the country’s people and their ability to create something truly long lasting, for countless centuries.

Turkey does have one other secret that is bound to pique the curiosity of adventurers the world over: White Cotton Castle. Named for its brilliantly white colouring and truly picturesque setting, White Cotton Castle is like nothing else on the planet, and is a must-see for anyone looking to visit one-of-a-kind locations from around the globe.

It’s an incredible break from the hustle of modern day life, and a place where all walks of life can travel and find solace away from traffic, work, and online slots Canada.

What is Pamukkale?

Pamukkale is the official name of the site, but it has to be seen to be believed. The area consists of two main attractions: the mineral-rich hot springs that visitors can enjoy, and an extremely well-preserved Greek-Roman city called Hierapolis that has stood at the site for untold years.

Pamukkale has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and as such it has remained in pristine condition, unblemished by modern industry.

One of the main reasons to visit Pamukkale is the setting. The hot springs themselves are unnaturally white, a result of limestone building up over hundreds of thousands of years, providing a stark contrast to the surrounding landscape.

It’s like something out of an alien world, and the unique setting sees over two million visitors each year, being one of Turkey’s most popular destinations.

Visiting Pamukkale

Another reason to visit White Cotton Castle is the chance to have a relaxing dip in the hot springs. These aren’t luke-warm waters by any standards, with some of the pools reaching a temperature of up to 36 degrees Celsius.

The waters aren’t just hot, however, as they are packed with a variety of minerals said to provide a level of relaxation second-to-none. One of the greatest aspects of wading through the waters is the history. These are the same hot springs that the ancient Romans used a thousand years ago, and visitors can see evidence of this during their time at Pamukkale.

Apart from the actual ruins that surround the White Castle itself, much of it is still sitting in the water, and it’s possible to swim around some of the ancient columns. This was a famous place even during the reign of the Romans, and their history can be seen through every inch of the area.

While there aren’t many rules while visiting White Cotton Castle, it’s a necessity to keep the entire area as clean as possible. Visitors are also not allowed to wear any kind of footwear while walking the calcite deposits, as this can cause damage. Otherwise, visitors are free to walk around, enjoy the scenery, and take dips in the beautiful, aquamarine waters.