Top Historical Cities to Visit Around the World


If there is one thing that is a testament to the innovation and survivability of the human race, it is the city. A centralised group of dwellings and buildings populated by hundreds of thousands of people, the city has long been the sign of advancement in a civilisation.

Whether it’s the ancient Egyptians or the Ancient Romans, their biggest cities were a monument to how powerful their nations had become, and even to this day, cities remain a truly incredible spectacle to behold, especially to those that grew up in small towns or in the country.

Cities can be found all over the world, and ever y last one of them is different. To the sprawling expanse that is New York City to the romantic cafes and book shops in Paris, each city has something different to offer, and each one is worth visiting once in a lifetime.

If you’re looking for somewhere to visit that has a deep and fascinating history, one that can whisk you away to a time long before all of our modern conveniences, then taking a plane out to one of these historic cities is a definite must.

Rome – Italy

The Ancient Romans were true masters of architecture, and of all the many cities and settlements that they created and conquered, there is none with the magnificence of Rome.

Home to thousands of years of history as well as the Vatican, Rome has stood the test of time for the last 2000 years, and some of the buildings that the Romans erected are in incredible condition, despite the number of years that have passed.

Athens – Greece

Like the Romans, the Greeks were truly gifted in the art of creation, and nothing says this more than the dozens of pristine temples that dot the Greek landscape. These were temples built to worship the gods, which meant that they were built with every once of love and passion the Greeks could muster.

Athens, in particular, a city that has been inhabited for at least 7000 years, has some of the best temples and buildings in the world, and is truly worth visiting.

Beijing – China

If you’re looking for something a bit more eastern but with just as much history, then Beijing is the place to be.  Being over 3000 years old, and with a massive part to play in Chinese history, Beijing still retains much of its history, despite the technological advancement of the Chinese nation.

Home to the famous Ming and Qing Dynasties, Beijing has thousands of years of history just waiting for the eager visitor to seek out.

Alexandria – Egypt

The city of Alexandria has an extremely long and rich history attached to it. Before being conquered by Alexander the Great, the city was an important port that was found on the river Nile.

It was home to one of the greatest libraries the world has ever known, and while that library has since been lost, there are still endless amounts of history to explore throughout the city.