Top Festivals for Thrills

We love a good festival, whether its music or cheese – sign us up for that good crowd vibe, people gathering to celebrate a single purpose. But let’s not just stick to cheese festivals, why not try out a festival with a bit of an edge – a thrill (and maybe a spill) or two.

If you think the running of the bulls is crazy antics, why not check out one of our op festivals that pack some punch. These festivals will give you a super thrill, or you can enjoy a relaxed night in, YouTube their antics and brush up your NRL betting tips knowledge.

Either way have a look at our top three crazy festivals:

Takanakuy – Peru

Takanakuy literally translates to hit each other – I would think the festival is self-explanatory but lets break it down. Each year on the 25th of December perfectly respectable citizens in the Chumbivilcas Province in Peru practice the noble art of beating their fellow citizens (I have a neighbor I would like to invite).

The fighting starts with some singing though (high pitched falsetto – very manly) and some dancing – so the kiddies can watch. There are drinking days allocated before during and after (not for the kiddies – do not worry) and alcohol is particularly needed after the beatings received!

The aim of this festival is to fight out and resolve grievances that have occurred in the year prior (still need to get my neighbor down to one of these).

Yanshuei Festival – Taiwan

The Yanshuei festival, also known as the beehive festival is every little boys dream – fight to the death (ok not death) with fireworks!!

This festival was first begun to celebrate the end of a cholera outbreak 100 years ago but has continued because people like being singed by fireworks…? Letting off fireworks resemble driving the demons out that caused the cholera outbreak – science! Being hit by a firework means you will have good luck in the upcoming year – also science (also I recommend wearing a motorcycle helmet for some vague sense of safety)

The Beehive naming comes from a specific type of firework they have incorporated, which is a multi layered bottle rocket launcher, with thousands of bottle rockets stacked on top of each other – it does resemble a beehive.

Battle of the Oranges – Italy

The largest food fight in Italy – maybe not as dangerous as fireworks aimed at your head, but any one who has had a papercut and got citrus in it knows true agony!

With its origins not quite clear – could be defending the city from a tyrant or could be to many ranges in that crop cycle, the action is still dramatic and fun.

Join in the liberation of this valiant city (was it valiant or just overrun with oranges?) and defend it against an evil tyrant (or too many oranges). There are currently 9 teams who defend the city – can you get in one of these teams – maybe not, it might just be safe to avoid the whole papercut/citrus juice situation and watch from a handy balcony.