Packing for a Frustration Free Day Out


Packing for a Frustration Free Day Out

Nothing ruins a day out faster than discovering you forgot some essential item. With a little preplanning and this handy list, you can be sure that your next day out is full of fun and not frustration. Just like Australian sports betting, a little preparation and thought goes a long way.

The Bag

The bag you choose will depend on several factors. How many people you are packing for, and what activities you have planned. A hike will require a different bag for a day at the spa.


It may go without saying but choose a bag that is comfortable to carry. Your awesome over the shoulder ‘fit everything including the kitchen sink’ beach bag is going to get a bit difficult to carry about ten metres into your hike.


Check that all the zips are working. There are few things as frustrating, embarrassing and inconvenient than getting to the front of the grocery queue to pay and realising that your wallet is missing.

Size does count

Make sure your bag is big or small enough.

The Contents

Now that you have selected your bag, it’s time to fill it up with your day out essentials.

Cash or Card

No matter where you go you will need to take along some sort of acceptable currency. Even if you don’t plan on spending any money, emergency funds are a necessity.

Choose a reliable Credit/Debit card and some cash in case the vendor doesn’t have a card facility and leave the rest at home. This also ensures that if you lose your bag your wallet isn’t lost with it.

Sun Protection

Yes, sunscreen. Especially if you are spending the day outside. A good SPF 50 for your face and the ‘stick like glue’ waterproof stuff if you’ve got kids going along.  Don’t forget your hat and your sunglasses.

Basic First Aid and Medications

As day trips often turn into day / night trips make sure you’ve packed any medications that you take daily. Some basic first aid supplies like plasters, disinfectant and ibuprofen or paracetamol can save a day trip being doomed by a cut that needs cleaning or a headache.

Extra Clothing

Especially if you are travelling with kids a change of clothes is called for. Be sure to pack a jacket or pullover if it may cool down later in the day or a T-shirt if it may warm up.


Mobile phone, camera, e-book, laptop, and all associated chargers. Whatever devices you choose to take along, always pack the charger.

A Spare Bag

This one does not require the thought that went into choosing your primary bag. Something that can fold up and uses minimal space is ideal. For wet clothes, dirty shoes, or extra shopping.

Snacks and Water

You never know when you are going to get peckish, thirsty, or stuck on the side of the road waiting for the Road service. Avoid anything that will melt or is sticky to consume.

Contacts, Maps and Directions

Finally make sure you and everyone you are travelling with know where the destination is, have directions, and the relevant contact numbers especially if you are not all travelling together. It’s no fun getting lost.

The Final Check

This list covers the essentials and should ensure a frustration-free day out. It is always a good idea to create your own list that includes items of a more personal nature.

These may include activities for kids for boring lulls during the day or to keep them entertained while travelling to and from your destination.

Do a weather check in case you need to pack an umbrella, or you may need more personalised emergency items.