Peeking Inside the World’s Oldest Restaurants


The establishment of an incredibly successful restaurant can sometimes be a relatively short-lived affair in the culinary world and today studies show that 90% of restaurants that somehow make it past the 5 year mark will only operate for a total of 10 years.

With this in mind, it’s hard to believe that there are restaurants that have kept their doors open for hundreds of years, but here they are – in all their glory.

Stiftskeller – Austria – Established 803

Although still housed in its original structure in St. Peter’s Abbey, Stiftskeller has been renovated in a grand baroque style with vintage chandeliers.

The restaurant is most famed for its Mozart-themed dinners which are held weekly in which performers in costume replay the works of Salzburg’s most famous musician.

Bianyifang – China – Established 1416

Originally a small establishment which produced duck and chicken dishes, Bianyifang holds its title as Beijings oldest Peking duck restaurant and proudly carries on the traditions that started during the auspicious Ming Dynasty.

Zum Franziskaner – Sweden – Established 1421

Zum Franziskaner was founded by German monks in what is now known as Old Town Stockholm and has become a legend amongst locals and tourists alike.

The original structure has been rebuilt many times, but they still serve the same brew which was on offer when they opened in 1421.

Honke Owariya – Japan – Established 1465

Honke Owariya is the oldest restaurant in Japan and has been serving monks, shoguns, and emperors it’s renowned soba (buckwheat noodle) dishes for hundreds of years – perfect for enjoying online betting NZ over.

Starting out as a confectionary, Honke Owariya is still famous for their desserts and you’ll be awestruck by the beautiful gardens surrounding the eatery.

La Tour d’Argent – France – Established 1582

With claims that King Henri IV once graced their hallowed halls, you’ll be forgiven for feeling like royalty when visiting the Michelin rated La Tour d’Argent.

Enjoy roasted duck, pâté and poisson (fish) as you gaze upon the Notre Dame Catherdral and it’s noteworthy that their wine cellar containing 450,000 bottles of wine valued at €30 million is guarded around the clock.

Zur Ietzten Instanz – Germany – Established 1621

With a guest list including Napoleon, Beethoven, and Angela Merkel, Zur Ietzen Instanz was first developed into a tavern in 1621, but was rebuilt in 1963 after extensive damage sustained during WWII was finally deemed irreparable.

Situated a block from the historic Berlin Wall, it’s fair to say this restaurant has survived a lot of history.

White Horse Tavern – Rhode Island – Established 1673

Renowned as the oldest operational tavern in the United States, the White Horse Tavern was founded in 1673 and quickly became a meeting place for the Colony’s General Assembly, Criminal Court, and City Council.

After receiving a massive restoration thanks to the Van Beuren family, the White Horse Tavern reopened in 1957 and has been serving locals and tourist since.

A la Petite Chaise – France – Established 1680

Nestled behind its original iron gate, A la Petite Chaise was established in 1680 by Georges Rameau, a wine merchant – and was an almost overnight success with political, social, and artistic circles.

Serving traditional French cuisine, it has in its history hosted impromptu cabaret acts and readings by distinguished writers such as Colette.