How To Always Find Great Food On A Budget

There are generally two major costs that travellers need to always keep in mind while they’re visiting a foreign country: food and accommodation. Going out and eating at restaurants every night can quickly become an unsustainable success, which is why it’s always advised to try and cook all your food in an accessible kitchen.

Of course, not every single traveller is going to always have access to a kitchen, and depending on the location, it can be cheaper to eat out, as long as you know what to look for.

Opt For Snack Foods

For the most part, people tend to eat their meals in a single sitting rather than snacking throughout the day. But when out and about in a new place, it might be worth forgoing single, large meals, and rather focus on getting a hold of small snack foods throughout the day. In countries like India, for example, cheap snack foods can be found on just about every street corner, and usually cost next to nothing.

Sometimes this food can be fairly deep fried and unhealthy, but a lot of the time it’s nothing more than fruit or whole foods that that been slightly cooked or flavoured in some way.

Avoid Tourist Hotspots

There are a lot of street vendors that target areas that have a lot of tourist traffic on the chance that they will earn some euros or dollars. What this also means is that they will charge a whole lot more for the food that they sell, which might make it infeasible for the traveller that’s attempting to keep track of their budget.

If there are a lot of foreigners in an area, such as a popular international market, it’s worth avoiding buying food there and instead looking for street vendors, tuckshops, or small eateries that are instead popular among the locals, and maybe wait there with a few rounds of online Aussie slots until the bulk of the tourists have moved on.


Another expense that can add up is beverages. There are many places in the world where the drinking water can be a bit iffy, which is why a lot of travellers buy bottled water as they are getting around. But to minimise the cost of water even further, consider getting a hold of a drinking bottle and then find a spring or filtered water provider nearby.

These are a lot more common than people realise, and if the area is near to any mountains, there’s an extremely good chance that there will be cheap spring water for sale.

Learn A Bit Of The Language

People will always try and make the most out of foreigners, which is why it’s not uncommon for them to double the price of menu items. This problem can easily be avoided by having a bit of knowledge of the local language, making it easier to find discrepancies in the prices on the menu and what the final bill is.