Having A Great Day On A Budget

No matter what part of the world you live in, there’s no denying that the costs of day-to-day living have increased dramatically over the two years. Part of this is the stagnation of wages, but the disruption in international supply lines has also meant that food and other amenities have increased in price.

But just because everything else is expensive, it doesn’t mean that you can’t go out and enjoy a day with your friends and family. Here we will look at cheap – and sometimes free – ways of spending a day outside the house.

1. An Audio Tour

Most people visiting a big city will want to take a guided tour of the city, and while it’s certainly a great way to learn more about the region, it also can be quite costly. One way to avoid this is by instead downloading an audio tour, or by using an audio tour app.

An audio tour will consist of high quality audio descriptions of different parts of a city, from its most well-known monuments to some fascinating facts. This is also worth combining with a few hours of walking, or by making use of public transportation.

2. Museums

Almost all cities in the world have one or more museums on offer, and they are always worth paying a visit. One great thing about museums is that they are either completely free to spend a few hours in or charge an extremely minimal fee for entry.

Museums are bastions of learning and can be one of the best ways of learning not just about the city, but about the world and the history of humanity. Have a look at the public museums that are close by and consider taking a few hours to visit them.

3. Farmers Market

You’re almost never too far from a farmers’ market of some kind, and they’re always a great way to spend a morning. From local and fresh produce to plenty of delicious foods and other crafty items, it’s easy to have a great time with spending as little money as possible, or even none at all.

Look through local ads and online reviews to find farmers markets, which are usually held first thing in the morning.

4. Libraries

Libraries are open to the public, and allow visitors to peruse and read the books, and even take some home.

They’re amazing places to sit and enjoy a break from the burdens of city life while enjoying a good book or sit somewhere peaceful and quietly enjoy a video or the online betting NZ punters love. Library cards are usually free, and the only fees that will ever been incurred are when books are brought back too late.

5. Concerts

Larger cities will always have parks that are open to the public, and fairly often you’ll find concerts taking place.

This can be no more than a few people playing some instruments, but it creates a calming and enjoyable atmosphere for the audience to sit and enjoy.