The Best Wine Routes In The World

There’s nothing quite as enjoyable as getting into the car and cruising along a famous wine route, trying out all the different kinds of wine and enjoying the venues that the route has to offer. From South Africa to the United States and everything in between, there are plenty of famous wine routes around the world that are worth visiting at least once.

There is always something to keep busy with during a day out on a wine route, and it remains one of the very best ways of spending a day with friends and family, or even alone. Let’s take a look at some of the world’s most well-known wine routes.

New Zealand Wine Trail

Found along both the South Island and the North Island, this world-famous route takes wine-lovers through around 80 percent of the wine territory of New Zealand. The climates change drastically, and each region offers something unique and memorable.

Those that have a taste for Merlot and Cabernet will want to spend some time in Hawke’s Bay, while Pinot Noir can be found in the Wairarapa region. If Sauvignon Blanc is the wine of choice, then Marlborough is the place to see. Along with wine tasting, visitors can also enjoy hiking, biking, as well as eating at a number of great eateries.

Lavaux Wine Route

Not only are there countless wines to try along the Lavaux Wine Route, but there is also plenty of historical sites to see as this is one of the very oldest wine routes in the world.

The history is immediately easy to see, as there are ancient dividers set throughout the vineyards that were built as far back as the 13th century and were designed to accommodate the gradient of the area. In fact, some of the terraces are so beautiful and unique that Lavaux was announced as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2007.

Route 62

Found in the Western Cape province of South Africa, Route 62 is famed throughout the world for its unique landscape as well as for the many wineries that can be found along the way. The Route spans hundreds of kilometres and goes far into the province, the best wineries can found closer to the city of Cape Town.

Many visitors like to start in Cape Town and then move northward, seeing the many wineries that can be found in the drier parts of the Cape, but it’s also possible to follow Route 62 out into the Garden Route, where other kinds of adventure await, or to just park off at a chosen winery, enjoy the food, and check out some of the latest roulette Canada games.

Mendoza Wine Route

On the other end of the world is Mendoza Wine Route, which consists of three separate regions that cover around 350,000 acres of vineyards. Visitors will have a constant view of the famous Andes mountains, making for a great escape into the wild areas of Argentina. The three main regions are made up of Uco Valley, Maipu, and Lujan de Cuyo, and each one of them offers something unique.