4 Best Hidden Restaurants From Around The World


The Best Hidden Restaurants From Around The World

We all love eating out, especially when it’s at a place that’s exciting and new. Visiting the same restaurants over and over can quickly becoming boring, no matter how much you love the menu.

There are plenty of places all over the world that offer great food and a great ambience, but often enough, these places also tend to be full to the brim with other customers, and getting a booking might mean having to wait weeks at a time.

Another option is to go out and find the hidden gems around the world that most people aren’t even aware of. These are restaurants and eateries that can only be found by boat, by hiking, or by plane, and they’re often hidden away in beautiful forests or rolling countryside’s, or sometimes in the middle of a city, usually in a place where you expect it the least.

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4. La Jardin – Paris

Paris is a city that seemingly has endless places to eat at, but being such a large city, it can sometimes be difficult to find a seat, or maybe you just want to try something different.

This is where La Jardin comes in, a secret restaurant that’s hidden away in a secret garden, deep in the streets of Paris.

Not only is the setting truly something else, but the eatery also comes complete with a rotating menu serving world-class dishes that can only be found in Paris.

3. La Gruta – Teotihuacan, Mexico

For the most part, this is just your average restaurant. It’s got tables, chairs, waiters, and good food. What makes La Gruta truly special, however, it it’s location.

The restaurant is set inside a cave; a massive, open subterranean wonderland built underneath the famous Temple of The Sun.

Once a sacred vault where the Mayans would hide their gold, the cave is now a bustling eatery with some of the best food in Mexico.

2. Ultraviolet – Shanghai, China

Ultraviolet is like nothing else in the world, and it’s not just the restaurant itself. To even get there, each guest has to go with a private driver who takes the guest to an unmarked location somewhere in the old Shanghai neighbourhood in the city.

From there, guests are treated to a journey that makes use of all senses; from the food to the lighting to the music. Ultraviolet only seats ten guests at a time, and is the true definition of exclusive.

1. El Carajo – Miami, Florida

The party central of the United States harbours a few secret places that shy away from the bright lights and loud music of the ever-busy city. This restaurant is found in a place that you’d never expect: inside an otherwise normal gas station.

Located at the back of the station, the eatery spoils its guest with a vast wine list, as well as a series of authentic small plates straight from the heart of Spanish America.